11 Apr 2024


19:00 - 21:00



Cooking the Books: Fowl Play by Sally Coulthard (11 Apr 2024)

We have teamed up with Kemps Bookstore in the Market place here in Malton to bring you a monthly book club with a difference!
Each month Jo Hardy from Kemps selects a book that has a foodie vibe and while Jo discusses and reviews the book and opens the discussion Gilly Robinson, owner, and head tutor here at The Cooks Place will then create two dishes mentioned in the text. Relax and enjoy as Gilly cooks and demonstrates how to make the dishes, which you eat along with a glass of something.

Cooking the Books is a great way to bring your love of books and cooking together. A wonderful night out for a group of book lovers or even on your own, to chat, eat and just a great excuse to read a book!

A friendly, welcoming atmosphere awaits.

The books are available to purchase from Kemps, 11 Market Place, Malton YO17 7LP.

This month: Fowl Play by Sally Coulthard 


The humble chicken has conquered the world.
This unlikely descendant of Tyrannosaurus Rex is now so ubiquitous there are more than 20 billion chickens pecking, strutting and scratching around the planet at any one time. And yet, of all animals, the chicken perhaps best represents the contradictory way we humans treat other species: both beloved pet and cheap commodity, symbol of a sustainable good life and brutalised object of factory farming.

Sally Coulthard charts the chicken’s fascinating journey from dinosaur to domestication, exploring every aspect of the history of Gallus gallus domesticus. As informative as it is entertaining, Fowl Play tells a remarkable tale of evolutionary change, epic global travel and ruthless exploitation – as well as of companionship, ingenuity and the folly of human nature.

Gilly Robinson


Gilly Robinson